About Us

Our knowledgeable team will be happy to help you select suitable reading material and are always on hand to offer their advice.

All of the shelves at our bookshop are packed with books and magazines of every description. We specialise in titles relating to the military and social history, although we also have a large selection of books on a wide range of subjects as well as classic and modern titles on all types of fiction.

 We stock a wide range of literature in every area of the English language, as well as some foreign titles and translations. We are happy to help any customer to find what they're looking for, our order service will get it to you in a matter of a days.

 We aim to provide you with all the literature you could possibly want for cosy evening reading, holidays, gifts or study. 


Books and magazines are a wonderful way to broaden one's horizons  and light years away from the passive consumption of television and the internet.

Or just call us on. We look forward to your enquiry!

Looking for a particular book and haven't been able to find it? Just have a word with one of our staff.


We're also happy to help you choose an appropriate gift for your favourite bookworm, or the right reading material for children.


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